Revolutionize Sports Through AI

STATS collects the richest sports data in the world and transforms it through revolutionary AI to unlock the past, present and future of everything sport. Founded in 1981, we are the pioneer in sports data, contributing almost 40 years of data intelligence to the global sporting community. Recognized as having the industry’s fastest, most accurate data—as validated by an independent study—we deliver the most comprehensive sports insights. STATS is able to harness the true power of sports data through artificial intelligence to generate the deepest and best data in sports.

Croatia reached the 2018 World Cup Final with players such as Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic, but match preparation was in the hands of Marc Rochon. Watch as Croatia’s analyst explains how they used STATS Edge to analyse their knockout stage opponents.

As a leader in AI, STATS conducts the most comprehensive research and development in sports. STATS’ AI team continues to introduce new technological advancements. In 2018, we introduced STATS Edge™, the only AI-powered match preparation tool that uses tracking data and playing styles paired with video to unlock advanced insights and previously impossible analytical methods. In 2019, we introduced AutoSTATS, the first patented AI and computer vision technology that collects comprehensive player-tracking data directly from broadcast video without the need for in-venue hardware.

The world’s most innovative technology and sports media companies, professional leagues and teams trust STATS to provide world-class AI and data intelligence solutions to engage billions of fans. Our team performance and fan engagement offerings service some of the most well-known companies and leagues in the world, including Microsoft, Google, ESPN, Yahoo!, FanDuel, France’s Ligue de Football Professionnel, Italy’s Serie A, Sports Illustrated, and Australia’s National Rugby League, among hundreds of others.

Since 1954, Sports Illustrated has represented authenticity and accuracy in sports journalism. As their strategy has pivoted from print to digital, Sports Illustrated relies on STATS to take data from being just numbers on the page, to helping tell a story through data visualization.